Robert Urban schreef:
if "schreef" is the simple past for wrote, was is the present... "shrijfen"? :)

"schrijven" (in Dutch, in English it's: to write) "ik schrijf" (in English: I write)

Using your method, I would get a ramdisk with the FreeDOS boot floppy
in memory, which would mean it would be quite difficult to save the old
BIOS image.  In fact, I have already got a method working for booting
over the network, which uses pxegrub and memdisk, to more-or-less do
what you describe, but via network rather than USB-stick.  If you are
interested, I documented the method under:

installing Syslinux is almost a requirement.
If you can into Windows or DOS and see the USB stick as a 'drive', you can simply use the SYS command to obtain a FreeDOS bootsector. That way you can boot a real FreeDOS installation on the USB key.
I think Syslinux is the most compatible for an USB key. Then you can chainload your DOS, and other things if you want (Memtest+ for example).
I mentioned FDBOOT.IMG/MEMDISK because it's not easy to obtain a FreeDOS bootsector file under Linux.
Suppose your USB key is A:


Syslinux.cfg: label FreeDOS kernel FREEDOS.BSS

good luck, and let us know what works. I haven't got enough GNU/Linux experience to even try to do something to/with my USB disks :(


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