"Arkady V.Belousov" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi!
> 9-feb-2005 17:53 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Robert Urban) wrote to
> freedos-user@lists.sourceforge.net:
> RU> Part of the reason I'm trying to make a USB-stick bootable is to be able
> RU> to have a *writeable* removable medium, for example to be able to save
> RU> a backup copy of the running BIOS image before flashing.
>      But there will be problem, if flashing of newer BIOS edition fails:
> boot block of (most) BIOSes supports (blind) booting from diskette (on which
> should be present DOS and autoexec.bat, which performs BIOS reflashins), but
> not from other devices.

There is some merit to your argument.  If the first attempt to flash
goes awry, then I have a problem.  I can't offhand name other reasons
to want to have a writable storage medium under DOS, but presumably
there are some.

Robert Urban

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