At 09:39 PM 2/9/2005 +0100, Robert Urban wrote:

> Not sure why you're having so many problems, although I admit that I hand
> punched in a few values in the boot sector to make sure mine
> booted.  What's the brand and size of your flash drive?  If I see one
> locally and its cheap enough, maybe I'll grab it and see if it's bootable
> here.  When first reading up on the subject on the net, I saw a passing
> comment of some flash drives being unbootable, although that could have
> been operator error, of course.

from /var/log/messages:
Feb 9 03:55:51 noisy kernel: Vendor: IBM Model: Memory Key Rev: 3.52
Feb 9 03:55:52 noisy kernel: SCSI device sdb: 499712 512-byte hdwr sectors (256MB)

on the stick it says:

        FC CE
        ASM 22P9027
        FRU 22P9031

Unfortunately, looks like IBM's 256M Memory Key model 22P9228 is a lot more common, cheaper, and accessible than the (older? newer? OEM?) 22P9031. Anything less than an exact match at least theoretically has the chance of behaving differently. Which means I probably can't help you as far as matching the stick and trying it here.

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