I have a d link pcmia, can I get online with dsl on freedos?

Eric Auer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi Theresa, according to WWW, a Dell Lattitude 433c can have e.g.
4 MB RAM, 170 MB harddisk, 486sx processor with 33 MHz.
Some have as much as 20 MB RAM, 250 MB harddisk.
You write that you run it with Win95 but have no OS disks for it.

For Linux, even with a simple fvwm2 GUI, 16-20 MB RAM are not much,
and things will often get slow because not enough RAM is free. And
harddisks below 1 GB size have pretty much reached the end of their
lifespan by now. After all, they are mechanical devices.

If you know how to use DOS, then this laptop can run many classic
games and apps for you with FreeDOS. You could even install Windows 3.1
on it, although only the standard mode will run in FreeDOS yet...
Other useful GUIs (graphical user interfaces) are OpenGEM, SEAL and
Desktop2. You should check their homepages which are linked from
GEM looks like that:

Common to all 3 systems is that you leave the nice user interface
while classic programs are running (i.e. they are not opened in
a window, but full-screen). Only native (e.g. written for SEAL)
programs run in windows. GEM is probably the system which has the
most native programs. And, of course, Windows 3, but that one is
not freeware. By the way, Windows for Workgroups does NOT run in
any USEFUL way under FreeDOS yet.

If you want to go online with your laptop, and you can
find a suitable modem (or driver for internal modem, if
any), you should try Arachne. Will not be very fast on a
486sx (especially as SXes do not even have a floating
point unit) but it can do www, ftp and email.

If you prefer to get a fresh Win95 or Win98se for the laptop,
those are usually around 2x or 4x USD respectively 2nd hand price,
but even Win98se will be a bit much for that old hardware, and
might be a bit big for such a small harddisk.


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