At 08:38 AM 5/4/2005 +0200, Roberto Mariottini wrote:

I don't think it's still available, because today the french site links to Borland USA for downloads. So no more free french beer :-(

Still I have that copy of BP 7 downloaded legally, I can send it to you to test it with your environment, if you think it's enough legal.

Legal enough for me. I'm just going to test BP 7 and try to improve general OS compatibility, not work with it for any real purposes.

Used to be, commercial companies quietly supported that sort of distribution since it helped out their end-users and improved their product. I have two big boxes full of software for those purposes slowly rotting away somewhere in my basement. Now, because of the draconian anti-piracy legislation passed across the world on one side and massive abuse by software thieves on the other side, they can't/won't support that approach even unofficially.

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