> replace on disk error is dangerous, replace-on-missing AA55 is something 
> FDISK can ask the user in interactive mode, or batchfile can do FDISK /MBR.

I wanted to make ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that nothing must ever automatically
do FDISK /MBR with as only exception a CUSTOM install disk for unattended
install on known-empty / known-not-to-have-any-useful-MBR-program systems.

> What does the MBR of an empty harddisk look like? any dump program for 
> saving it to floppy?

Buy a new harddisk and do:
or do:
dd if=/dev/thatharddisk bs=512 count=1 of=mbr.bin
in Linux

> how to act on fresh *empty* disks? it should result in an MBR created as 
> it's necessary for booting the computer.

Whether the current MBR PROGRAM is working is as hard to decide as whether
you have a boot virus in there. Far beyond the scope of FDISK.


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