Eric Auer schreef:

I wanted to make ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that nothing must ever automatically
do FDISK /MBR with as only exception a CUSTOM install disk for unattended
install on known-empty / known-not-to-have-any-useful-MBR-program systems.

too bad, people want to have a working system being set up for them.
if MS FDISK does alter MBR, then our FDISK should do so also.
On the other hand, destroying dualboots is something MS also does in Windows setup, and which is a thing we can't afford (or actually want) to do as we are NOT the primary operating system, but a bonus OS for Windows users. (Linux usually has DOSEMU).

Buy a new harddisk and do:

only get a "Drive letter is out of range..operation terminated"
any debug script?

Whether the current MBR PROGRAM is working is as hard to decide as whether
you have a boot virus in there. Far beyond the scope of FDISK.

consider the presence of AA55 as "working".
consider the lack of it as "time to write a new one", with user consent first, if you insist :)


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