Gerry Hickman schreef:
FreeDOS Beta9sr1:
3. FDISK /PRI:2000
4. <reboot>
6. Start real-mode windows setup program
7. Windows is installed, but now it presents a boot loader menu every time it starts with a 30 second timeout. Windows has even "kindly" saved the booting information from my "previous" o/s to a file called BOOTSECT.DOS, and guess what's inside it...?

C: is NTFS, FAT16 or FAT32?
Unknown bootsectors are indeed saved to file called BOOTSECT.DOS

FDISK only creates MBR.
Format creates a filesystem.
MS FORMAT creates filesystem, then puts a bootsector identical to that created by the FreeDOS SYS program on that filesystem.

FD FORMAT creates a bootsector which only reports something like "This is not a bootable partition".
FreeDOS SYS creates a working bootsector.

Can you test some mixed operating system utilities?
please first obtain the FreeDOS SYS program (rename to FDSYS.COM) from:

Scenario 1: DOS 6.22 procedure, but do FDSYS C: C: /BOOTONLY
Scenario 2: DOS 6.22 procedure, but do FDISK /MBR (FreeDOS FDISK)
Scenario 3: combine 1&2

Scenario 4: FREEDOS, then use MS SYS or MS FORMAT for formatting
Scenario 5: FREEDOS, then use FDISK /MBR (MS FORMAT)
Scenario 6: combine 4&5

I am most interested in scenario #1:
FREEDOS SYS can create a bootsector for MSDOS, and I wonder what Windows thinks of it, and if it will create a dualboot then

If I choose this option "Previous Operating System on C:", I see the following text:

"This is not a bootable disk. Please insert a bootable floppy and try again..."

lack of a bootsector installed by SYS. Above text done by FD FORMAT     

Now I'm wondering ... is that text string above FreeDOS related? If so then it seems I'm correct about what's happened.


Thing is, I never installed FreeDOS, I never used the SYS command, all I did was use FDISK, so it should not think there's a "previous o/s" on my C drive.

formatted: Windows thinks there's a previous OS
unformatted: Windows cannot install due to no space for temporary files

not exactly a win-win situation :(

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional" /fastdetect
C:\="Previous Operating System on C:"

The last line should not exist, and would not be there under MS-DOS.

A possible scriptable possible solution (hehe) might be to rewrite boot.ini, or change timeout=30 to timeout=1 or something.

At least this confirms Win2000 installs on FreeDOS :)
I assume you loaded SMARTDRV?

thanks for your testing efforts


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