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Hi Bernd,

In sourcecode, SYS v3.6 is still under development :)

If you didn't write here, I don't even know there're hidden switch,
how can I test?

It is documented, within kernel source doc directory and at

Without enough testing, more delay to an official release ... this
function may help to installing a stupid WinXP which SEEMS to check
the bootsector.

Same for SYS: an option to keep using the MS bootsector instead of installing an (not always working) FreeDOS replacement bootsector for MS system files.

/OEM:Auto means FreeDOS?

/OEM:XX where XX determines which DOS you want to boot; it chooses/alters the bootsector to be compatible with the given DOS. For FreeDOS all that is really required is passing boot drive in BX and loading full kernel (Enhanced DR-DOS is similar, except uses DX), and MS/PC DOS have a heap of expectations (less so in newer releases). The AUTO option (which is the default) determines based on which files are present (with a hard coded list, the order of which determines the one selected should multiple kernels be present); however due to the similarities, EDR-DOS will be used instead of PC-DOS so PC-DOS must always be manually selected.



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