At 09:28 PM 11/17/2005 +0100, Bernd Blaauw wrote:

Michael Devore schreef:
(I do see that 256M Cruzer's can now be purchased for a mere 30 bucks, but unfortunately between the new USB floppy drive for testing a laptop with EMM386 VDS changes, the TASM upgrade, and the Red Cross thing, my discretionary fund for FreeDOS is approximately 17 cents, at least through early 2006.)
Do you have a Cruzer then? I've got a 1GB version, but BIOS probably will handle it as harddisk.

No, I have a Lexar 256M JumpDrive that I use to boot FreeDOS. I would consider buying a 256M Cruzer to match the original posters' for testing, but that whole 17 cents, out-sourced loss of fat cushy contracts thing is a problem. Here I must specify the USB flash disk as a USB-ZIP for it to work in the boot sequence. USB-HDD, USB-FDD, USB-CDROM will not work. Later BIOS versions can directly identify a USB stick and, hopefully, work under their own designation.

Actually, my wife has a 1G Cruzer like yours, but pointed remarks from that direction about not screwing up her cute drive by poking around its guts and possibly killing it have made me rethink the whole "surreptitiously borrow it in the middle of the night just to see what I can make it do" idea.

best step seems to be to follow guides with MSDOS first, then try with FreeDOS, as some external tools might be specific to MSDOS (or its bootsector)

Except I remember having to directly hack the loader image of my JumpDrive to get it to work as a bootable FreeDOS disk. So following the MS-DOS instructions may be insufficient for most. Or many. Or some. Or maybe just me.

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