Forward an email from Jack, hoping everyone can understand what's
going on, I'd like the others to understand the whole thing, not out
of context:


Thank you for forwarding Lucho's nice comments about QHIMEM to me.

Re: his comments to you that FD-HIMEM has "completed development", I
have noted not 1 but 4 ERRORS in FD-HIMEM!    [... Text deleted ...]
I also agree with Mr. Auer's note to you, that any idea for FD-HIMEM
 from ME would not be accepted now.   Thus, having noted exactly what
FD-HIMEM's 1 minor and 3 major ERRORS are, I will now be silent, and
I will merely correct the two which also affect QHIMEM.

Nor will QDMA, QCDROM, and now QHIMEM ever be part of FreeDOS, after
other TRASH involving the word "stupid" directed at me on FD-Devel 2
months ago, and Jim Hall's refusal to delete XDMA/XCDROM on IBiblio!
Hall's "twisted" view of the GNU Open-Source license makes him think
he need NOT.   I felt the GNU was NOT intended to limit my rights as
their AUTHOR, so XDMA/XCDROM were "gone" in 24 hours!    QDMA/QCDROM
now have no GNU or sources, as Hall ALSO made an "issue" of sources!

So, pardon me if I LAUGH at Mr. DeVore's comments about QHIMEM being
in any sort of "memory manager race"!   I simply wanted a better XMS
driver, and I wrote my own, whether OR NOT anybody in Illinois or in
Germany gave me their bloody permission!   What "Chutzpah", to think
THEIR way is "The ONLY Way", over which the U.S.A. has fought WARS!!
QHIMEM is in NO real or fantasized "memory manager race", as it will
NEVER be any part of FreeDOS!   Folks should now understand why NOT!

I will NOT be taken to task for writing my own XMS manager, after in
fact FDXMS/FDXXMS failed on my system, PTS-DOS HIMEM is questionable
if FreeDOS loads it, and FD-HIMEM was OUT of the question!    I will
not touch the "obscure" sources for FDXMS/FDXXMS and have no sources
for PTS-DOS HIMEM.   And though I have sources and can fix FD-HIMEM,
that would now require a COLD DAY in Bloody HELL, after Mr. DeVore's
"self righteous" ATTACK on you and me!

Jack R. Ellis

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