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You got lot of time writing, I don't mind if you keep everything

>> 1) Jack don't want to let people think his work is "a part of
>> FreeDOS", he didn't ask ALL the people to remove the XDMA source, just
>> don't want it on FreeDOS server
>Fewer people will use XDMA when it is no longer included with FreeDOS.

Exactly no one will use XDMA if they knew it's terminated.

Threre're several emulation project like this, such as Final Burn
Alpha, the author terminate or leave the project, someone pick it up
and rename a little bit and start their own.

Some people always insist Jack violate GPL, he was just ask Jim to
remove it, he didn't FORCE Jim to remove it, and Jim did keep it until

Since Jim didn't respect Jack's will, so he terminate the XDMA
project, that's the whole story.

>Anywhere includes FreeDOS. And Johnson, you no longer have XDMA online,
>so the ONLY place where I can still get XDMA is from FreeDOS. So you
>should be happy that Jim refused to delete it.

I didn't get your meaning, you can modify XDMA and release it without
"Jack R. Ellis" or amend "altered by Eric Auer" and release it, I
won't feel happy or angry because it's not belong to Jack R. Ellis and
not distribute by me, we're responsible to the quality and want to
share it with people, we're not trying to advertise ourself and become
famous, I didn't earn my living by this, and Jack retired, we have
nothing relate to "power" or "money".

In fact, if you did want to take over XDMA, well please do it, you
take the responsibility by yourself.

>Arguably. If we had deleted our copies, Jack would probably have made
>XDMA, sorry, QDMA closed source 3 weeks later, because he would have
>been upset about somebody else, but it would not have made a big
>difference in the end. And, by the way, Ibiblio is NOT FreeDOS. It is
>an archive of nice and useful software in general.

Then I assume Jack misunderstand Ibilblio server equal to official
FreeDOS hosting site.

>Whatever his reasons are, I still disagree with his wish to punish
>the world (he wanted that nobody can see XDMA sources anymore) because
>he is unhappy with a few people of FreeDOS.

Then you're totally wrong, close the source CAN punish anyone, what
kind of logic is it?

He was totally responsible to his work, if someone change it without
updating the document, then distriibute the corrupted binary to user,
and "fortunately" they lost their "priceless" data because of the
corrupted driver and blame Jack, he will be the victim!

That's why he try to minimize the distribution to avoid this kind of
tragedy happen, at the very beginning I ask Jim to have a link to my
homepage for the same reason, ask Jim for that email.

>That's not professional. Even though he might be a very
>professional programmer, it is hard to deal with him personally.

You never sit in his position and think, try to reverse you and him: A
guy send email to others explain my work, but in his interpretation
and some of the information was wrong, and he did critize my work "not
smart enough"! He even don't know how the driver work, and why I
design it, he even challenge me without a better code!

If you still not angry, thanks! You're not near from God.

>You should understand that Jim and others have given up
>trying to keep Jack happy, basically. I tend to join them.

Jack will happy if everything reasonable, can you happy with someone
call you "stupid" or against you will without a good reason.

He may not did everything correct, but anyone listen to his words?

>PS: Jack does not violate GPL, but GPL violates the wish of Jack.
>As Lucho said, this is bad luck for Jack but might be good luck for XDMA.

Again, I regard Lucho as a friend, I hope he won't be unhappy when I
tell the truth.

What do you do then something happened below:

He alter my program without telling me or update the document, then
send the altered program to a user, if that user corrupted the data
because of the program, who will be the target? Me!

Who was responsible? Who will take care of the consquences?

This is why UDMA become XDMA.


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