Hi all,
Shane is right. As is Jim. You cannot remove GPL from a software.
So you cannot force us to delete XCDROM and XDMA. And, why should
we? They are good software and you do not allow us to use the
better QCDROM and QDMA instead. You can do the latter, because as
the author, you can release a second copy of the same software
under a completely different license. But at some time, you allowed
the world to freely copy XCDROM and XDMA, and, sorry Jack, we are
part of the world ;-).

> Nor will QDMA, QCDROM, and now QHIMEM ever be part of FreeDOS, after
> other TRASH involving the word "stupid" directed at me on FD-Devel 2
> months ago, and Jim Hall's refusal to delete XDMA/XCDROM on IBiblio!
> Hall's "twisted" view of the GNU Open-Source license makes him think
> he need NOT.   I felt the GNU was NOT intended to limit my rights as
> their AUTHOR, so XDMA/XCDROM were "gone" in 24 hours!    QDMA/QCDROM
> now have no GNU or sources, as Hall ALSO made an "issue" of sources!

About the rest of the flame mail - others have already commented it.
Basically it is a pity that you do not tell us which 3+1 important
bugs are present in FDHIMEM. Because you think FDHIMEM is hopeless,
as is your personal relation to Michael.
So you prefer to take MSHIMEM sources and use them to write an
entire "new" QHIMEM. Because you trust nobody except yourself.
It is not surprising that you left FreeDOS 3 times so far, as
FreeDOS is a community project not a "all must admire the only
good programmer in the world" project, Jack.

The best thing to do with a flame is probably to ignore it.
Technical explanations of FDHIMEM bugs are welcome, but if
you want to flame, please send your mail to /dev/null or do
copy con nul to send them.


(who will ignore the rest of the "Not to flame but let others know"
mail, or at least will not comment on it...)

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