Hi Johnson,
it is not necessary that Jack "protects himself" by no
longer letting us distribute XDMA as part of the FreeDOS
distro. It is not necessary that we distribute some
"modified by some other FreeDOS guy" variant of XDMA
to protect Jack either. In fact, XDMA is and will be
by Jack, but we can modify it if we feel that this would
be needed, for example to fix a bug. The modifications
will then be by us. However, there is no danger for Jack
or the "modificator" of XDMA, because XDMA uses the GPL.
This license explicitly tells:

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

So while we all know that XDMA is meant to be useful and
make disk access faster, nobody could blame Jack if XDMA
would instead set the computers of all XDMA users on fire.

Of course, because nobody updates XDMA at the moment, people
might want to upgrade to QDMA when they see that QDMA has
become a lot better than XDMA. Maybe somebody will try to
pick up XDMA development and make XDMA as good as QDMA again,
for example because he prefers to use open source software.
However, XDMA is quite good, so many people will simply
continue to use and install XDMA even after Jack dropped it.

Some extra comment about "imagine somebody would criticize
your driver, and that somebody does not know how it works
and cannot write better code" - This is exactly why that
somebody will "criticize" your driver. Because YOU are the
expert for the driver (because you wrote it) and this
means that the user will believe that YOU can help him
better than he could help himself by trying to improve the
driver himself :-).


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