Hi dima,
you wrote that your game  "x-com apocalypse" crashed
on FreeDOS, with the following error after the intro:

DOS/4GW Professional error (2001): exception 0Dh (general protection fault)
at 3E58:000024D7 TSF32: prev_tsf32 6AEC
SS      180 DS          3E68 ES         198 FS          0 GS    0
EAX     2000 EBX        2F6 ECX         2000 EDX        2F6
ESI     BD88 EDI        6F62 EBP        190378 ESP      33C
CS:IP 3E58:000024D7 ID 0D C0D           0 FLG           10286
CS= 3E58, USE 16, byte granular, limit CA8F, base 3087020, acc 9B

I do have experience with the same error, I think:
The game "descent" (where you fly around in mines
and fight with a remote-controlled spaceship against
mining robot spaceships which have gone evil...) has
the same problem. I think this is because DOS4GW is
not overly stable on modern computers. My error is
the same in that it also happens at CS:IP = something:24d7.

Apart from the usual solutions to load/not load HIMEM
and/or EMM386 (to get better stabilitz in general),
I found that it also helped to run the game with DOS32A
instead of the built-in DOS4GW. You can get it here:


PS Henrique: DOSBOX simulates everything, including the DOS
kernel and all your hardware, so it burns lots of computer
speed of modern computers to simulate an old DOS computer.
Sometimes your PC is of course too fast: Then you can
use the oldskool.org throttle / slowdown tool or FDAPM
to make your computer slower :-). Still faster than DOSBOX.
The big PLUS of DOSBOX is of course that it can run in
Windows and Linux. If you have Linux, you should use DOSEmu
instead, because DOSEmu uses less simulation and is faster.
If you have Windows, you should try some NTVDM based software.


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