On Fri, 5 May 2006, Michael Devore wrote:

> > Do not think that the file is broken! It is run very well under Windows 
> > 98.
> Is there some trick to making this program run?  On my system, running

I found only one trick: copy UFOEXE\ufo2p.exe to game directory and run it. 
But anyway game will freeze on tactical combat.

> SETUP.EXE just sits there, although it goes back to DOS prompt after 
> pressing Return twice.  Running XCOMAPOC.EXE brings up the DOS/4GW Pro 
> copyright message and nothing else displays, although Ctrl-Alt-Del reboot 
> works.  Maybe I'm not understanding how to run the program.
> This is with no memory managers, Microsoft memory managers, and FreeDOS 
> memory managers.  So it's not a memory manager issue.

One guy from RU.STRATEGY.GAME told me that it is a lot of years back he 
played in x-com apocalypse under pure DOS, because under Windows he have 
something wrong with videomode.

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