Eric Auer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> írta:

> The game "descent" (where you fly around in mines
> and fight with a remote-controlled spaceship against
> mining robot spaceships which have gone evil...)

Some corrections:

-Your ship is NOT remote controlled. You 're the pilot, you
sit in it, and you controll it.
-Your enemies are mining robots. Not robot spaceships.

Sorry for the "off-topic", but Descent is my all time
favourite game, and I felt I must correct your mistakes
about it. ;)

But unfortunately, the original Descent executable crashes
under FreeDOS for mee, too. But the DOS version of D1X (it's
an enhanced version of Descent - it compiles with DJGPP
under DOS) runs fine for me.

Anyák napja - ugye nem felejti el?

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