You are free to post this on FD-Devel.   They should see it.

Re: your private E-Mail to Auer [in which you noted my request to tell
Mark Bailey to try QHIMEM, and if he inquired why, to see the first 50
lines of the FDXMS source], and given Auer's reply --

> So I could not know that Jack was talking about the comments.
> You wrote "source", not "comments".

"Friend" Auer is either stupid or is playing his usual games with you!
What does he think a "source file" is, something that ends with .LST??
The current FDXMS094.ZIP file on IBiblio has only one file with a sub-
name of .ASM, which is FDXMS.ASM!!   That should be the first file any
"normal" programmer looks at!!   And after saying "the first 50 lines"
I shouldn't need to tell a "normal" programmer they are its comments!!

Re: your other E-Mail to Auer, I'm not going to tell that man ONE DAMN
THING of what I know about FDXMS.   As you recall, I tried to help him
by checking his "LBACache" files, after finding my "NMI bug" in UDMA2.
So what does he do??   He kicks me AGAIN 16-Apr-2006 on FD-User!!   If
Auer continues to think my QHIMEM sources "questionable", he need only
ask Lucho where to find such sources on the Microsoft servers!!   They
are still published and available, and they include full documentation
and even a test suite for those who want to DO THEIR OWN XMS MANAGER!!

Nor, as I have noted, do I fault AT ALL the creators of FDXMS.    They
wanted a simple XMS manager for systems available in 1995.   In fact I
value their work!   QHIMEM has one of FDXMS' ideas that helped me save
a lot of memory, merged with one of my ideas that avoids any problems!
Sad, as you told me, that Martin Stromberg left FreeDOS same as I did,
so I guess FDXMS will never be upgraded.   Otherwise, I would send him
some lines from QHIMEM and he could upgrade FDXMS in maybe 20 minutes.

As for FDXMS' "evil twin" FD-HIMEM, that is a quite-different matter!!
If Auer/DeVore/Ehlert/Lucho/Hall believe I would ever help THEM again,
after all the ABUSE directed at me on FD-User and FD-Devel, they truly
have LOST THEIR MARBLES!!!   I will merely wait for V1.0 FreeDOS to go
"out the door" with its present XMS drivers intact.   I want to SEE it
used on a system with a RAMDISK driver, that copies perhaps a 16-MB or
larger file "internally" while a scanner, high-speed Ethernet card, or
other processes try to run simultaneously.   After that system CRASHES
IN FREEDOS' FACE, I hope none of the above five DARES come to ME!!!

Best wishes,

Jack R. Ellis

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