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>Ok, in that case, what is the bugzilla bug number? I think people are 
>wondering here what this stuff is all about, without any real 
>(reproduceable) technical details given.

I'm sorry, from the very beginning I don't know how to use it.

You're right, it's non-productive, but since Jack totally pissed off
by Eric, he refuse to disclose any detail, even I cannot help.

>All we can see is that someone wrote a closed-source driver that allegedly 
>fixes a problem that I can't find in bugzilla, and now nobody knows what 
>it's all about.

All I can say is too late, once upon a time UDMA and XDMA is open
source, but he was greatly upset so he closed the source.

Now he keep on working on it IS request by many users, otherwise he
simply stop all the projects.

>Well --- obviously, if you have a lot of time you can disassemble 
>qhimem.sys, diff it with the MS reference source code and try to make 
>sense of it. But that's a bit of a waste of time with no developer 
>benefit, ain't it?

QHIMEM was written from scratch, with "refer" to MS-source, so there
will be no MS code in it.

Quote a few lines from his email:

I wanted (A) a smaller XMS manager, (B) to help you and me save low-
memory, and (C) when other XMS drivers all failed, I created my own.

After that, I have no obligation to debug nor document FDXMS faults.

Those who wonder "what is going on" can now see your QHIMEM page for
 the problems I noted in other XMS managers.

I did not "model" QHIMEM after Microsoft HIMEM V2.03, like you know.
QHIMEM's source or binary files are very different from V2.03 HIMEM.
Disassemblies may only confuse folks.   But they are welcome to try.

I'm tired of many meaningless quarrels, now I'm trying to clam down
and return peace in the mailing-list.

Honestly I'm sorry to disturb everyone's mood, being bad mood is not a


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