Hello Johnson,

> If you still insist ignoring the "technical advise", I'll care no
> more, it only cause the users who lost their data mourn and grinning
> their teeth.

technical advise is welcome.

> Jack just want to warn about the "FDXMS/HIMEM interrupt not locking"
> simply need to change, yet a number of people go seize him!

I can't remember any technical advise.
I can't remember any technical description of the problem,
why ellis thinks that this problem was caused by disabling interrupts,
and how he solved it (it's probably not as easy as just leaving
interrupts enabled)

> Is it a OPEN and FREE community's rules?
the OPEN and FREE refers to publishing the source code

> I join the list to help people, and want to share any good programs I
> found, but the people here simply don't want the truth,
'the truth' ? the one eternal truth ? really THE TRUTH ?


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