Eric Auer wrote:

> That is indeed interesting to know. MS published the sources
> of their own himem on their own servers? Why did you not tell


> that before? And which license do they use? I guess we have

I knew (read "guessed") that already.

> based on my "offline" experience that MS never lets other people
> use the source code (and often does not even let them see it) of
> their stuff.

This specification was jointly developed by Microsoft Corporation,
Lotus Development Corporation, Intel Corporation,and AST Research,
Inc. Although it has been released into the public domain and is not
confidential or proprietary, the specification is still the copyright
and property of Microsoft Corporation, Lotus Development Corporation,
Intel Corporation, and AST Research, Inc.

Sounds like a BSD license to me. ;-)

Robert Riebisch
BTTR Software

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