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Hi Jeremy,

>Assumming I recall correctly, this is by design, if the MBR is 
>considered non-empty then it is not overwritten on purpose (also only 
>the MBR on the primary drive is ever written to).  The purpose behind 
>this decision is to not overwrite LILO or any other multi-boot program 
>or whatever program you have installed on your MBR; to forcefully 
>overwrite use the not so documented /MBR switch (or one of FreeFdisk's 
>other similar options) or clear the MBR prior to fdisking.

This behavior is different from MS-FDISK, this will cause automated
batch file fail.

It's good to warn user NOT to overwrite if they're not sure, but this
"hidden rule" cause trouble IF no one tell me what's happening. The
solution should be "Are you sure to write MBR?" but not skipping the
MBR, causing misunderstanding.

Also when you choose NOT to let FDISK create a single partition and
did on your own, the logical drive size will be wrong. I don't know if
anyone got this problem also.


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