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Hi Arkady,

>      MS-FDISK _never_ writes MBR code (at least, if MBR not empty), unless
>you do this explicitly through undocumented /MBR option.

Suddenly a flash come across my mind -- You and those replied all
correct, this is me who're wrong. I have to apologize to those
replied, I'm awfully wrong.

My problem is NOT "MBR", and I got stuck in MBR.

>      And, if MS-FDISK was to write MBR code in any case, then this was
>should broke any boot-managers, including MS' own itself, which comes with

My problem is another thing ... FD-FDISK refuse to "make a Linux hard
disk to FreeDOS", I guess it should be MBR, but I'm wrong.

The problem is simple. I delete the Linux partitions and make
re-partitioned with FD-FDISK, but it did not update the boot sector to
DOS even I did a "FORMAT C: /S", when I boot up I can still see "LILO"
on screen with the PC hanged.

Then I force a "FDISK /MBR" to solve the problem, this time I can boot
up FreeDOS! Or use MS-FDISK (7.01) without "FDISK /MBR", then use
FreeDOS "FORMAT C: /S", FreeDOS booted.

I just don't understand why MS-FDISK can work without "FDISK /MBR" but
FreeDOS won't, after that I try several times to remove the partition
by FD-FDISK and did the same thing, butn the symptom can't be

Driving me nuts.


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