Gerry Hickman wrote:
> Hi Ray,
>>> with it's own bootsector and startup files? You've then got the HIMEM, 
>>> EMM386 and IFSHLP to worry about.
>> No, it is just a shell.
> What do you mean by "just a shell"?
>> I don't use it any more but I still have the 
>> batch file to run it.  In one of my older machines it was run from 
>> autoexec.bat.  The line is still there but remed.
> You mean you booted into MS-DOS 6.22 and then started WfW from within 
> DOS 6.22? If so, I have to ask why??

That's actually how Windows 1.x-3.x worked ... technically, Win95/98 
also worked a similar way, but Microsoft kind of changed things to make 
it not so obvious.

For Windows 3.11 (WFW) you boot into DOS, then you run "win" to start 
Windows.  Think of Windows as being just like Norton File Commander, or 
MS-DOS DOSSHELL.  While Windows had its own device drivers and 
executable file format, Win 1.x-3.0 still used MS-DOS for all basic 
operations.  Windows just sat on top of DOS and managed the 
multitasking.  Windows 3.11 (WFW) stopped using DOS for file i/o, but 
still made pretty heavy use of DOS for other operating system 
functions.  Windows wasn't so much an operating system as an "extension" 
that leveraged DOS to do most of the "behind the scenes" work.  That's 
what Ray means with "just a shell".

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