Hi Arkady,

>>> GH> Yes, but is it not the case that the startup files are different

>> Startup files are same.

> GH> Can you clarify what you mean here? How do you define "same"?
>      Identical or newer versions.

Are you claiming they're identical or not? If not, then they're not the 
same! "Newer" does not mean "Same"...

> GH> Maybe this is where I'm getting mixed up. You appear to be saying DOS
> GH> 6.22 is much newer than WfW 3.11, is this correct?
>      DOS 6.22 is end of 1994 (1994/08/19), Win 3.11 is middle of 1994
> (1994/05/23).

I asked regarding WfW 3.11, not Win 3.11 but maybe you are saying they 
were released at the same time? If so, it's no wonder I got mixed up, I 
always thought WfW 3.11 was newer than MS-DOS 6.22 and that part of the 
deal was the IFS, Net and file I/O changes. I don't think of WfW as a 
DOS shell because big chunks of it bypass DOS. To me, a DOS shell would 
be something that talks to the hardware via DOS, not something that 
bypasses it.

Either way, it's been a good learning process for me. It's made me think 
a lot more about how operating systems interact with hardware and also 
what the word "shell" means:)

Gerry Hickman (London UK)

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