At 11:44 AM 7/28/2006 +0200, Norbert Remmel wrote:
> > Use X=A000-EFFF NOVDS
> >
> > Remove all device drivers.
> >
> > Then change and add as booting works.
>O.K. did it and found out the following...
>So far no pc crashes with vds disabled (I have not tested all pcs yet,
>but these having had problems this morning don't crash anymore when
>running emm386)

Alright, I assume you mean that you've re-enabled your UMB's by taking out 
the X=A000-EFFF option, but NOVDS is needed for things to work.  Otherwise 
VDS won't be an issue, since it's for remapped memory -- the UMBs -- and 
there won't be any UMBs present using X=A000-EFFF.

The problem is that latest EMM386 didn't change VDS code, so you've 
probably have a slightly different configuration than 
previously.  Something loaded high that wasn't loaded there before.  Or 
maybe in a different order.

You can verify that NOVDS is the solution by not loading any drivers in 
upper memory and see if it's still required.  NOVDS should not be needed 
with no drivers loaded high.

What would be best then is to see exactly which driver loaded high is 
causing the failure unless NOVDS is present.  If I can get a copy of the 
problematic driver I can run it under a debugger or disassemble it and see 
what VDS calls it's making.  Or if it has an basic incompatibility with 
being loaded in upper memory.

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