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Hi Gerry,

>I completely agree, I think it's already 100x better!

We're now in 21 century :-)

>Yes, but where do you draw the line, and how do you deal with backward 
>hardware capability and how far back in history do you go? What about 

Just my own standard ... I think programmers need some guideline to work,
otherwise everyone code different standard programs with different compiler
and got different problems, consuming lots of human resources.

1) Basically should be 80386 based, because of the Protect mode, necessary for
programs to access large amount of memory, but if the program don't need lots
of memory, no need speed optimizations, 8086 should be supported if possible

>forward compatibility such as eight core 64 bit processor? If you 

2) If the program is not TSR, and it's operation need large amount of memory
or CPU power (e.g. codec, need a lot of calculating), it should have a routine
to detect CPU ability and full utilize it. However program like FDISK or
FORMAT doesn't need those advance detection.

>need/want a modern fast open-source o/s with a "UI" how does FreeDOS fit 
>into this concept sitting next to Linux? Who will write all the drivers 

3) The UI I refer to is a better layout TEXT, the Russian PTS-DOS shows a good
UI, also TurboVision like UI is good for beginners. But for history reason,
the original DOS UI need to preserve, solution is simple, just a switch or
.CFG file to let user choose what they like

>for the latest NICs, USB, Kerberos, signed SMB, NFS, NTFS, TCP/IP with 
>IP v6, not to mention cameras, scanners, printers - how will they all 
>work? What standards will this new UI adhere to?

These new things not exist before can have a TurboVision like UI, or try to
direct inherit from Linux (if not too complex).

I use RM more than deltree, and a number of DOS people sure have some UNIX
port command line utils because they're really better than DOS, I don't think
we need to wipe out the current DOS one, just improve it is enough!

For example, DEL can be improved by adding /r for recurse sub-directories,
XCOPY can be improved to handle date and time or file size filtering (refer to
XXCOPY)... etc.


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