John Hupp wrote:
> My interest to date in FreeDOS has been as part of a software bundle that I 
> can put on older computers without Windows licenses (and sell them off on 
> eBay).
> eBay still has the last auction I did on its servers at 
> I include lots of screen shots, mostly of games.

Hi John,

Eric gathered up all your screenshots, and emailed them to me, asking 
that I post them somewhere on the web site.  Actually, it's not a bad 
idea.  I hope you don't mind, but I've posted them at

Technically, SourceForge REALLY REALLY discourages posting screenshots 
in the web content area for project websites, as they tend to be 
abused.  So, I'll probably automatically & silently remove these from 
the web site after a few months.  In the meantime, these are good to 
share with people for some good PR for what you can run (graphically) on 


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