> This concerns a pure FreeDOS machine (Pentium 120, 16MB) having a 4.3GB hard
> drive with a single FAT32 partition created by the CD Installer's partition
> and format tools after the drive had been zero-filled.
> Running DOSFSCK -N C: generates a screen of 5 columns, each "row-field"
> entry being of a format like ", 504:20/00" and then under that set of
> columnar data:
> Not automatically fixing this

This is probably the "boot sector differs from backup boot sector"
list-of-differences. Maybe DOSFSCK could display this in a more
compact form. The background is that FreeDOS SYS only writes the
boot sector, but not the backup copy of the boot sector which exists
only on FAT32, so the backup boot sector differs from the boot sector.

> malloc: general problems
> Aborting

That is strange. Maybe 16 MB are not enough? Did you try with
real CWSDPMI instead of the renamed HXRT DPMI? Use CWSPARAM to
disable the use of swapfiles, if possible.

> Running DOSFSCK -R C: generates the same screen of data followed by:
> 1) Copy original to backup
> 2) Copy backup to original
> 3) No action
> ? _
> Entering 3 results in:

Given the above explanation, you can guess that "no action"
is okay but that "copy original to backup" would also be good.

> malloc: general problems
> Aborting

See above...


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