This concerns a pure FreeDOS machine (Pentium 120, 16MB) having a 4.3GB hard 
drive with a single FAT32 partition created by the CD Installer's partition 
and format tools after the drive had been zero-filled.

Except for the few problems I've reported here, things seem to be working 
fine with a couple dozen games, Arachne, CD players, networking, and more, 
but I wanted to try the DOSFSCK tool for FAT32.

Running DOSFSCK -N C: generates a screen of 5 columns, each "row-field" 
entry being of a format like ", 504:20/00" and then under that set of 
columnar data:
Not automatically fixing this
malloc: general problems

Running DOSFSCK -R C: generates the same screen of data followed by:
1) Copy original to backup
2) Copy backup to original
3) No action
? _
Entering 3 results in:
malloc: general problems

I booted with a Win 98 startup disk and ran Scandisk, and it found no 

So it seems both that DOSFSCK is finding problems and is also having a hard 
time running, though I don't know what the program output is supposed to 
look like.

Where do I start here?

--John Hupp 

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