Under FD 0.9 SR2 with critical patches dating to 2-3 months ago, I was 
running Arachne 1.90JG with the ARA-PDF plug-in (which makes use of a 
certain distro of GhostScript v7.05) to view PDF files with images.  (Very 

But this has failed with FD 1.0 and Arachne 1.90J1 (the newest release) and 
using the same versions of ARA-PDF and GhostScript.

And it still fails for me if I drop back to Arachne 1.90JG.

On the face it of, the only other things to have changed are the hardware 
and the version of FreeDOS (and perhaps a few other plug-ins in the 
successful old installation of Arachne - but that shouldn't matter as far as 
I know).

If anyone would like to try this out, the ingredients are:

Arachne v1.90J1 (the FD full CD ISO has the previous release 1.90JG): 
The right version of GhostScript: 
http://www.cisnet.com/glennmcc/apm/gs705dos.zip (unzip to C:\GS)
The ARA-PDF plug-in: http://www.cisnet.com/glennmcc/apm/ara-pdf.apm (just 
open this in Arachne to install)

*IF* Arachne is tripping over a FreeDOS component, I don't have a 
quick-and-easy idea for locating it.  I may try creating a FreeDOS 0.9 SR2 
boot disk with the updates I was previously using.  I should say that the 
GhostScript error file referenced by Arachne is empty.  (Before digging into 
this further, I'd rather hear that someone else has already identified the 

Anyone else successfully or not successfully using Arachne 1.90Jx with 
ARA-PDF under FreeDOS 1.0?

I think it would be helpful if someone knew how to use GhostScript as a 
freestanding PDF viewer outside of Arachne.  (It would also be a nice 
capability on its own merits!)  That may indicate whether the conflict is 
with GS or Arachne.  1-2 front-ends have been created for doing this in 
user-friendly fashion, but I haven't gotten either to work with this distro 
of GS.

I see, by the way, that we have included a distribution of GhostScript with 
the full FD ISO, so I imagine that someone here knows how to use it for 
something in FD.  I don't know if it is the same distribution that Glenn 
McCorkle offers above.

--John Hupp 

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