> solved.)  I tried copying the whole FDOS tree just because of my past
> experience with the problem there.  I found that XCOPY copied the entire
> tree except for the PACKAGES sub-directory.  The only thing remarkable I
> notice about PACKAGES is that it has 198 sub-directories.

XCOPY does not copy EMPTY directories by default, and MANY directories
in the package subtree are empty. It would be a VERY useful optimisation
if FDPKG could just touch empty FILES to flag "package installed", as
such files would not consume disk space. Only roughly one third of the
packages directories actually contain extra files. Those files can be
"depends.txt", "install,bat", "remove,bat" or "upgrade,bat". Actually

I would even recommend to store ALL those files in ONE packages directory
as "packagename.dep packagename.ins packagename.del and packagename.upd"
(and then dynamically copy files to some temp,bat to run them, when one
wants to install/delete/update a package).

This can easily save 6 MB of disk space for a full FreeDOS 1.0
install, so I would strongly recommend to add this feature.


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