Eric Auer schreef:
> Hi Russell,
> dosemu is probably the answer to most of your questions :-).
> Get the new unstable version from the site,
> most Linux distros only include older versions.
I've had DOS networking running on VmWare Workstation, both the SMB (MS 
Network Client) and HTTP/FTP downloads through packet driver (Wget), 
trying to boot from network bootdisk image and then 'downloading' and 
'mounting' a FreeDOS ISO image.

Don't ask me for specific details please, been out of DOS 
experimentation for about a year now, playing World of Warcraft quite a 
lot instead.

VmWare has AMD PCnet network card, and its BIOS allows PXE since v5.xx
There was a win32 TFTP server but can't recall its name right now.


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