frank finley wrote:

> Not sure I deserved the blunt response from Mr. Riebisch:

Not "blunt", but "short." Don't take this too seriously. :-)

> In MS-DOS the Online Bible for DOS (OLB) is accessed through a mini menu via
> a batch file named MM. The menu would load from the Freedos prompt but once
> displayed  the  option within the menu to open the AV bible installed (which
> would had opened from the MS-DOS prompt) would fail to open the AV
> (Authorised Version Bible).

I prepared a lenghty mail, but QEMU (where I ran FreeDOS 1.0) crashed my
Windows 2000 with a BSOD now, so it's  lost. :-( Nevertheless I can
confirm this problem. Try FreeDOS configuration option 3 ("HIMEM") to
get a little further with `install.exe'.

Robert Riebisch
BTTR Software

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