Hi again!

I had a bit of time recently, so I released DOSPDF v0.11. It's a big step, as 
there is a SETUP program now, which is automatically generating a batch file 
suitable for your system. No more BAT editing ;-)
You can change the screen size (640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 
1600x1200), the DOSPDF path (it's detected automatically) and the resolution 
(from 1 to 1000 dpi - the program will suggest you the best one anyway).

DOSPDF is a set of application allowing to read PDF files in DOS. DOSPDF setup 
is generating a batch file (DOSPDF.BAT) which calls GhostScript, PDFTOPS 
(from the Xpdf package) and LxPic to display PDF files. I made it because 
Acrobat Reader for DOS can't read the newer PDF format.

How is it working?
First, you have to run SETUP, to generated a batch file suitable to your 
system. That way you will obtain a DOSPDF file which will do the following 
things for you each time you will run it:
- Convert your PDF to a PostScript file using PDFTOPS,
- Convert the *.PS file to PCX using GhostScript,
- And finally, display the PCX using LxPic.

Each time you run it, DOSPDF is erasing the previous temporary files, so you 
haven't to bother about them. Just use it!

The package contain the following pieces of free software:
DOSPDF setup v0.11 [GPL]
Aladdin GhostScript v5.10 [GPL]
PDFTOPS v3.02 (from Xpdf) [GPL]
LxPic v7.3 [Freeware]

Download at http://mateusz.viste.free.fr/dos/en/dospdf.htm

Mateusz Viste "Fox"

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