Uh oh. I found another problem: in your FONTS directory, you use some
Microsoft fonts. While it is true Microsoft made available their
"Fonts for the web"
<http://www.microsoft.com/truetype/fontpack/win.htm> they did so under
the restriction that you may not redistribute the fonts except in the
original EXE-packed CAB files, which are not included in your project
(if they are there, I could not find them.)

Would it be possible for you to use the Liberation Fonts instead? I
understand that these may be redistributed under the included
GPL+exception license:

I'm sorry, but I do not believe I can include this yet on the FreeDOS
archive at ibiblio. We need to have *all* non-free assets replaced
with free alternatives - you were very kind to provide free images,
but now we need to do that with the fonts and anything else that may
be in your GUI.


>  Hi Jim...............
>  thanks you very much and sorry again.
>  La idea es hacer entre todos un GUI facil y transportable para FreeDOS.
> Prometo que en breve lo migrare a linux.
>  Un abraso and thanks for all.

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