Hi Ulrich,

Thanks for the nice explanation, 2nd version. I would like to make a few 

> 3. To activate the hardware driver and the DIS_PKT converter we need 
> other parts from the NDIS 2 universe: The Protocol Manager driver 
> (PROTMAN.DOS, PROTMAN.EXE) and the Bind utility (NETBIND.COM). This is 
> unfree software, the files are included in MS Client, LAN Manager and Co.

Here I disagree. MS-Client is free software, even if not GPL or 
distributable. But it can be used along with free software: include a 
small batch-or-script that 1) downloads the original files with wget, 2) 
extract what is neeed, 3) once there, anyone can "intenaly distribute" 
his copies. This is legaly within the licence limits.

I have already done this for Kqenu (the accelerator for Qemu) which is 
also non-distributable. I can send information to anyone that is 
interested in making a package of it.

> Yes, sorry, bad idea. WatTCP and Watt-32 are free and widely used 
> TCP/IP stacks that work great against the packet driver interface.

We (Andreas and I) have losta a lot of time with Watt-32, I recommend 
WatTcp which is small and fast. Unfornunatly WatTcp is 16 bits, I don't 
know if it is feasible to por it to WatcomC compiler.


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