Eric Auer wrote:
> He also writes that when you load a DOS USB device driver then
> it will interfere with BIOS USB drivers and you lose access to
> those. That is quite possible, but what are the experiences on
> this list? Did any of you lose access to your USB keyboard/mouse
> when you started a DOS USB flash/harddisk/... driver, for example?
> And if so, did you find a workaround, for example plugging the
> keyboard/mouse to one group of USB sockets and the USB flash
> stick to another group of sockets? What I already do know is
> that USB can have a lot of lag and consume lots of CPU time
> compared to real PS/2 hardware, and that sometimes USB or
> other things (such as onboard network or sound) use memory
> areas which are not automatically excluded from DOS UMB, so
> you get a crash when you use them and EMM386 at the same time
> unless DOS happens to leave the area untouched or you use X=...

I can`t really comment on the other points. But one experience I made.

An USB flash drive was made bootable for FreeDOS with the tool 'HP Drive 
Key'. Booting from that device works well if the BIOS supports USB booting.

After loading the USB driver under FreeDOS device C:\ could be no longer 
read. FreeDOS asked for a location.

A workarround could be to copy into a ramdisk and then load 
the USB driver.

I don`t think FreeDOS provides a feature to change the drive letter? 
Hiding an unreadable device (C:\) and changing letter from D:\ (new USB 
disk) to C:\ isn`t possible?

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