Hi again :-)

> An USB flash drive was made bootable for FreeDOS with the tool 'HP Drive
> Key'. Booting from that device works well if the BIOS supports USB booting.
> After loading the USB driver under FreeDOS device C:\ could be no longer
> read. FreeDOS asked for a command.com location.

So you should not load the driver - C: was accessible thanks
to the BIOS driver anyway :-p. Or was C: something else than
the USB drive? If so, why did it become inaccessible when
you loaded the DOS USB driver?? Did you try without EMM386?
If your C: was something USB, SCSI, SATA or UDMA-IDE, then
it is quite possible that some UMB conflicts spoil your C:.

> I don`t think FreeDOS provides a feature to change the drive letter?

Why would you want to do that? You can try SUBST JOIN and ASSIGN but
those are not always very intuitive to use...


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