Florian Xaver schrieb:
>> Afaik the EFI comes with a full legacy BIOS emulation already. Sure we
>> can argue first if EFI is good or bad if we use it our self. In theory
>> it sounds like many cool things could be implemented (bootmanager in
>> BIOS, sb16/gus emulation, mouse/keyboard ps2 emulation...) - if someone
>> willing to write extensions.
> But who will require FreeDOS then?

Same people like before? It will be still an os which is able to boot in 
a fraction of time like other os.

> All things would be made better
> with EFI oder Linux/Win...

> and I think the emulation of old BIOS will
> be bad...

Maybe, maybe not. The EFI looks 'somewhat Open Source' so I hope these 
people doesn`t mess up.

Also if it`s bad someone could completely rewrite it.

> but haven't tried it, I don't have a pc with EFI.

Me neither. It will still take a bit until these boards spreed.

Michael Reichenbach

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