Hi Flox,

> No, I have a SB Live! 5.1 PCI soundcard...I had tried the driver for
> SB16 emulation, but it wasn't compatible with some drivers so I never
> used it. With old mainboards I mean more or less 2, 3 years.

The SBLive / SBPCI driver emulates SB16 in software, so it
is only compatible with games which are EMM386 compatible
(the driver uses the same protected mode) and you may have
to adjust other aspects of your config to make JEMM386 or
other EMM386 compatible with the SBLive driver. But apart
from that, the SBLive / SBPCI are probably the only cards
with DOS SB16 emulation in pure software. This makes them
(potentially) work in any PC which has PCI... Alternatives
are ForteMedia FM801 (simple 5.1 AC97 chip with some nice
SBPro hardware emulation) and running DOS in a protected mode
operating system with a *virtual* SB16 soundcard, for example
in a Linux Dosemu or in Windows dosbox or in multi platform
Qemu or Bochs. Problem with FM801 is that the emulation only
works if your mainboard still at least knows what ISA is, I
think this is something related to PCI/ISA DMA handling...
On a too new board, FM801 only gives you Adlib/OPL3 sound
but at least that it does in pure hardware :-).


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