Hi Eric,

> As said in my previous mail, everybody is welcome to make
> zips in fdupdate compatible format when there are updates
> listed on freedos.org but not yet available on fdupdate.
you are welcome to convert the *existing* packages to any format you
like, but don't expect everybody else to convert packages into formats
that you like.

> We need a full collection of zips for at least the "base"
> category to be able to make a FreeDOS 1.1 CDROM ISO, so
> you all can help with that :-).

sounds like there won't be a FreeDOS 1.1 ever.

seems to, that there won't be a downloadable, compiled, updated kernel
ever again; at least not at places where users expect them.

>> already updated packages: http://mateusz.viste.free.fr/fdupdate/
>> list of versions: http://www.freedos.org/freedos/software/
>> some updated packages: http://rugxulo.googlepages.com/
>> other version/url list: http://rugxulo.googlepages.com/fdpkgnew.txt
yes, I see.
some here, some there, some nowhere, and some even elsewhere :((


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