Anton Shepelev schreef:
> Hello all,
>    I tried to install FreeDOS 1.0 on the same partition  (C:)  as
>    Win98SE using metakern, but ran into the following problem.
>    Here's what I did:
>    0. Installed FreeDOS on C:
>    1. With Win98SE active, I booted from win98 cd and typed:
>       > sys c:
>       > fdisk /mbr
>       (Using the Windows versions of sys and fdisk)
>       to restore the Windows boot sector.
Start getting back to the original Win98 bootsector. You can write this 
mail, this you got internet access,
thus you can get a Win98 bootdisk from
Simply do SYS C:
(you might want to prefer to do ATTRIB + R C:\MSDOS.SYS first though as 
that might get overwritten otherwise).
>    2. Checked that, indeed, that worked and Win98 booted  instead
>       of FreeDOS.
>    3. Dumped  the boot sector with  two  programms:  bootmgr  and
>       fdisk (included with FreeDOS):
>       a)      b)
I think we got some versions of SYS for that (3.5, from unstable kernel 
versions), but also BOOTFIX program for example
Be sure to be at C:\ before running the program.

>       Upon that I compared these files using the cmp utility  and
>       they turned to be different!
strange. did a FC /B file1.ext file2.ext ?
>    4. Then I booted from the FreeDOS cd and followed the instruc-
>       tions for metakern:
>       a) copy /b metakern.bin + +
>          metakern.sys
>       b) SYS C:
>       c) SYS C: /K metakern.sys
be sure to have exact paths ( C:\METAKERN.SYS for example instead of 
METAKERN.SYS) and check filesizes. Metakern.bin is 1512 bytes, 256bytes, windows bootsector dump also 512 bytes,
thus resulting in a C:\METAKERN.SYS of 2560 bytes. Your SYS commands are 
correct though there's the option of using /BOOTONLY to prevent any file 
Are you sure your bootsector filenames are 8 characters? looks like 9 to 
me (bm win 98 se)
>    Now I have no idea of how to make it work... Please, help.
> Thanks in advance,
> Anton
It should work, let us know if you're able to get back to original 
situation (win98 booting) and if you run into trouble again.


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