Hi again!

   Dear, Bernd, everything had been fine  (paths  and  filesizes)
   but  one  thing:  fdisk  and  bootmgr  were  returning   wrong
   bootsector dumps!

   I got it back to Win98SE, and invoked bootfix.  Unfortunately,
   bootfix returns everything in a text (ascii) format, so I  had
   to use FreePascal (from the FreeDOS distro!) to write a little
   program that  read  the  bootfix's  output,  "parsed"  it  and
   outputted the binary bootsector image to another file.

   Then I did everything as before and it worked (from the second
   attempt for some reason, maybe I had made a typo somewhere).

   .. I had spend quite a lot of time trying to figure  out  what
   was wrong, so I think this  tip  (to  use  nothing  else  than
   bootfix to get the bootsector) should be incorporated into the
   FreeDOS installer's howto and/or metakern's manual.

   .. And bootfix should be endowed with an option to output the
   bootsector in the plain binary format.

Many, many thanks

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