Hi Robert,

> > Especially bad result for people who think that backing up
> > their MBR would also backup the beginning of their partition
> > table, of course. So I suggest to stop masking :-)
> But how to handle "/AMBR" (write MBR from file) then?
> Function Create_Alternate_MBR() also skips partition table,
> but writes 55 AA.
> Ask user? "Also backup/restore partition table?"

Indeed. Backup / restore partition table should probably
be a separate function in the first place... But for now,
asking the user what to do in /AMBR might be a good idea.

There could also be an option /AMBRWITHTABLE which does
not ask and which does include those 4 partition table
entries which are part of the MBR file from the user...
Note that such functions let the user shoot his own foot.

I hope you can reach the Fdisk maintainer to discuss this.


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