Hi Flox,

> read this post from the author of Mpxplay :-(
> https://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=5128817

Dunno if Arachne supports https, so I better paste it ;-)

The post mentions that Emu10k SB PCI / SB Live 24 Audio LS
support got added, other cards from that family planned,
but there is a "by the way" about the future of DOS MPXPLAY:

> it seems DOS users are less and less, and I don't think so that I can
> add too much for the DOS version of the Mpxplay (and I have/had too much
> problems with the LFNs, WATTCP (network) and with the extenders (ie:
> trying to play videos)).

> Rather I'll continue the developing in a Win-GUI version. This means
> the end of the DOS development, because the GUI version requires a
> very different program structure and code than the current console
> version(s). So, probably this Mpxplay version will be the last DOS
> version (but I'll try to correct all bugs in it, before the final
> version)...

My personal opinion here is that MPXPLAY is very nice for DOS
users because it supports many soundcards :-). The ability to
use network and video would not be a main issue for me. Maybe
Attila can continue updating the sound drivers for DOS while
focusing on Windows for the video support?


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