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> Hi Michael,
>> Well, ReactOS is an NT clone.  Freewin95 was the
>> original project that later became ReactOS when...
> Hmmm.
>> Why?  The facts are not encouraging as far as the time it took
>> for ReactOS 0.3.5 to be released and 0.3.5 is an alpha.
> Things count in different ways in open source, projects
> are often very humble about version numbers. I mean nobody
> used Win 1 or 2 for anything, let alone Windows beta 0.x ;-)
>> I guess one route is to encourage the developer of mpxplay to port
>> it to freedos32, if that is reaching beta stage yet...
> Any reason why it would be better than mpxplay for normal DOS?
>> route is to implement a 32 bit version of opengem that will run on
>> top of freedos 1.1.  It sounds like the developer is concerned that
>> it is easier to write a Windows program than it is to write for any
>> of the dos based extenders.  Well, a better gui might change...
> Maybe he wants to try SDL, or maybe (hint hint) make the Windows
> version simple enough to let it work in DOS with HXRT ;-).
>> mind.  Freedos 1.1 needs a 32 bit gui that people are willing to
>> write graphical programs for which need more than 640k.  If the
>> gui supports Windows 9x software, that'd be a great bonus.
> Then it would be FreeWindows98, not FreeDOS. Totally different.
> And every GUI can only be popular if there are lots of apps.
> I mean even if you write FreeWindows3 today, people would say
> that there is not enough software for it. OS2 and GEM are in
> even worse position.
>> I've heard that there are various attempts to develop gui's other
>> than opengem for dos and I've even run into claims that freedos
>> will eventually compete with Linux and Windows.  Well, I think
>> freedos has a place on older computers that are powerful enough
>> to be useful if the OS is light enough.  Windows 9x is a mess,
>> this is partially why dos went away.  I have yet to see an NT
>> style system be as light as dos.  ReactOS is promising, but it's
>> potential is a year or two down the road still.  ReactOS will get
>> better, but it will be an NT clone instead of a Win 9x replacement.
> Okay so you want a Windows NT clone which runs on hardware which
> is too old for Windows 98...? And you hope DOS is that system...
> I am sorry - but things do not work that way. If you write NT for
> DOS then it will have almost all the disadvantages of NT combined
> with many limitations of DOS. It will not have the advantages
> of NT combined with the lightness of DOS...
>> One advantage of a strong 32 bit gui that runs on top of dos,
>> it becomes possible to port firefox 3 to freedos.
> Firefox runs totally great on Linux... Given that the Fire fox
> instance which is on my screen right now uses 300 MB of RAM
> (half of which swappable) running in X.org which uses another
> 150 MB of RAM (...) I would say it makes little sense to run
> either of the two (you need X to run Firefox) on DOS for the
> sake of "DOS only uses 1 MB" ;-))
> Eric

Windows 98 is NOT Windows NT. It is a version of Windows that
runs on top of dos.  Linux uses more memory because it is a
multi user system with an overkill gui.  Freedos 32 shouldn't
in theory doesn't need dos extenders as it already runs in
protected mode and it offers a flat memory model.  I am not
proposing Windows NT Lite, I am proposing a windows compatible
gui that runs on top of dos minus some of the features that
would make it really really heavy.

      Michael C. Robinson

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