someone schrieb:
> Open source
> software is not as author dependent as traditional commercial software,
> but a lot of people fail to understand this and they give up on an OSS
> project when it's author quits.

It's very hard to learn programming for hobbyists and professionals can 
rather earn money with programming something better. Plus the reasons 
it's often more easy to write new code then understanding old code, 
specially from other people.

someone schrieb:
  > I guess one route is to encourage the developer of mpxplay to port
 > it to freedos32, if that is reaching beta stage yet.

freedos32 is dead.

 >> mind.  Freedos 1.1 needs a 32 bit gui that people are willing to
 >> write graphical programs for which need more than 640k.  If the
 >> gui supports Windows 9x software, that'd be a great bonus.

First FreeDOS should be become 100 % compatible with MS-DOS. Later the 
ability to run Windows 3.x/95/98 on top.

If any DOS programmer wants to access more memory then 640k then he can 
either use EMS or XMS. An even better method would be to use DOS 
extenders. HX DOS Extender is pretty good and actively maintained, using 
DPMI you can access all memory outside conventional/EMS/XMS. It's also 
pretty easy to develop with. (from what I see no special way of 
requesting memory needed, just normal style)


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