Hi! Thanks for reporting your new findings :-)

> > Try without jemm386.
>     No difference was found.

>     I tested it with the command "copy v*.p d:\".
>     There are four files in my server that fit the mask "v*.p".
>     Only the first one got copied. Repeating the same command
>     does not copy the other 3 files...

Interesting! And you got the well-known 2f.120a again,
always exactly after copying the first file, always
showing "sector not found g:\v*.p" after the error :-)

>     But something happens involving the server keyboard. After
>     a failed 'copy' in the client, the first key pressed in the
>     server does not produce the correct letter; instead it
>     produces (in my Portuguese language computer) a "lowercase
>     a circumflex" character, ASCII 131 in codepage 850.

Very interesting! Although I have no idea what could cause it.

>     If the client does another failed 'copy', the same happens
>     again.
>     This also happens with a 'dir' at the client, but with a
>     difference: after the very first dir, the server keyboard is
>     still normal; only after the second dir does it produce the
>     lowercase a circumflex.

Okay. I hope it helps somebody in hunting the bug. We will see.

Thanks again :-).


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