Marcos Favero Florence de Barros schrieb:
> --------------------------------------------------
> g:\>dir *.*
>  Volume in drive G is MARCOS_2GB
> unimplemented internal dos function INT2F/120a
>  Directory of  g:\*.*
> .            <DIR>      9/08/08   0:27
>               0 bytes in 0 files and 1 dir
>   1,051,394,048 bytes free
> --------------------------------------------------

The output is mostly the same here. Sometimes it shows C:\TMP.

> Differently from what Uli reported, typing 'dir' a second time
> does not help in my case.

I just reproduced it again: When I choose NetBEUI or IPX as protocols 
in MS Client, typing "dir" a second time finally shows the files and 

But it's unreliable: Typing "dir" a third time might result in the 
above "." output again. Sometimes it starts showing only half the 
directories or only one.

Using TCP/IP as protocol gets me "unimplemented internal dos function 
INT2F/120a" when trying to list a directory on a remote MS Client 
share. It doesn't matter, how often I type "dir" ;-)

Mapping a drive of a remote XP works well. And also the opposite: If I 
open a command shell in XP and type "net use I: \\freedos\disk" I can 
browse through the files and directories on the freedos machine 
without problem. (But it's a lot slower than using FreeDOS as client 
and XP as server).

> Other commands, such as copy and type, work normally in both
> directions.

I have problems sometimes with Jemmex crashing on the server when I 
attempt to edit a remote file with edit or in DOS Navigator. But this 
might be caused by low conventional memory or hardware problems. In 
Linux I have to use the badram patch for the kernel to bypass some 
memory leak on my machine (a Compaq Contura Aero laptop) I described 
at: <>. Maybe 
there is also an error in my PCMCIA configuration / used interrupts.
Fact is, Jemmex crashes quite often for me if the conventional memory 
is low, so I don't know if it's MS Client related.

> In his instructions about DOS networking, Jacco de Leeuw says
> in the MS-LanMan section: "Microsoft has a bad reputation for writing
> buggy software so do expect some quirks." Perhaps this is one of them.

Yes, I also thought about something like that... ;-)

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